The Disciples in Action Ministry of Gethsemane MBC in keeping with its wholistic approach to ministry; is firmly committed to caring for our church family and friends, when they are experiencing life’s challenges, through the love of Christ, prayer, visitation and bereavement support.

Our ministry is a very hard working ministry. If we can help someone along the way, then our ministry will be in vain.  We live by our mission statement (Matthew 25: 34-40). We visit hospitals, nursing homes, and people in their homes. Wherever we are needed, we are there.  We attend funerals of friends and family members.

This year we had our first class to familiarize ourselves on doing visits the proper way.  The class was very informative.  We had our memorial service on New Year’s Eve; lighting candles for the members that have made their transition in the last two years.  We have given out blankets to the members of Gethsemane who are hospitalized for an extended stay.

    One of our goals for 2016 is to have all of the members of Gethsemane to use the direct line to the D.I.A. (734) 727- 4910 we will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours from the call. Most of all we want to be able to serve our church whenever the need is present. We are here to serve our church

The ministry has worked very diligently this year, and for this, I say thank you.  We have our Annual Christmas dinner each year to fellowship with each other.


Ministry Leaders:

Rev. Ella Sherlaine Hardy

Deacon William Harper

Rev. Dr. John E. Duckworth, Pastor