We gladly and humbly welcome all of our new family members to GMBC. While we are delighted and

excited that you have decided to make GMBC your church home, we do want to share our thoughts.

We are not looking for any more members, but we are looking for Disciples of Christ who will join our

church family. We are told to make DISCIPLES and there’s a major difference between membership and

discipleship. Over the next four lessons, I will personally discuss the four (4) ships that make for more

effective disciples among GMBC. I am so honored to serve as your new Pastor, and may God bless your


The New Disciples Ministry – “What We Do”

I. Invitation to Christ – New Disciples Ministry Registration Process

A. Pictures are taken

i. Information Packet

1. Registration Form

a. Verified by Ministry

b. Numbered for picture

c. Tithe envelopes are given and recorded

2. Welcome letter from the Pastor

3. Baptismal Information Sheet

4. Vision Informational Booklet

5. Church Covenant

ii. Official Welcome from Rev. Odom

iii. Explain required Sunday school classes

iv. Prayer

v. Benediction

II. Baptism – Performed on every 2nd and 4th Sunday unless otherwise stated by

Pastor Duckworth.

A. Week prior to Baptismal Sunday

i. Mid-week phone calls go out to the candidates

1. Confirm Baptism date

B. Day of Baptismal

i. Before baptism service

1. Candidates arrive at 9 a.m. for Sunday school class

2. At 9:30 a.m. candidates formally dress for baptism

3. Explain the transformation that baptism should have in their life (Rev. Odom)

4. Disciples are lead to the water by Pastor Duckworth and Rev. Odom followed                                                             by the ministry

ii. After Baptism

1. Baptism certificates are given to the disciples during morning worship service by Pastor Duckworth

III. Life of the Disciples for One Year

A. Quarterly phone calls are made to the New Disciples

i. Requests to have Pastor Duckworth contact new disciples are taken, etc.

ii. Cards are sent out

iii. If unable to reach by phone or card – an Amber Alert is issued

IV. Once a year, we organize a Meet and Greet with Pastor Duckworth and other ministries in the church.