based on the story of Tamar {2 Samuel 13}

A confidential outreach ministry solely designed to define and address the terms of Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse as it affects the Family structure; the Church and the Community. A group of “survivors” who believe God is able to re-store the mind, body and soul.  We are trained to listen and process given information; provide policies and procedures; legal resources; counseling and direction for those experiencing distress.

If you have need of us, please contact the Church Office @ 734.721.2557; leave a brief message. Pastor Duckworth will review your message and direct contact will be provided for you. 

Note of Importance ~ if your life is in danger, do not hesitate to call 911 or this toll-free hot line {1800.799.SAFE {7232} for emergency assistance.

On-going Goal ~ Provide knowledge and necessary tools for “victims of broken and battered family lifestyles to be “restored empowered Survivors.”

Future Goals ~ 24-hour Hot-line; Written screening process; Over-night emergency housing;

In-house Counseling and Anger Management classes for males, females and teens.

Domestic & Sexual Violence ~ Substance & Child Abuse ~ Date Rape

These social issues are no longer the “Elephant” in the room but an enormous “Elephant”! The new look maybe invisible on the outside but tormented on the inside. The signs speak for themselves and fear dictates that one doesn’t share their situation.   However, the silence may

cost you,  Your life!  Half of the battle is Knowledge and the tools needed for a safe Way out.

Come ~ You can Share ~ its Confidential!  We will provide comfort for your Soul and a positive approach for a safe journey to your Restoration.

Community Outreach & Membership

Sisters Against Abuse Society presents Men Partnering with Women to help stop Domestic & Sexual Violence; an all-Male panel discussion entitled: “Upstanders not Bystanders for Prevention”. ~ Greater Grace COIG {Detroit} ~ Min. LaDonna Combs, President

Pure Purple Awareness Weekend featuring Pure Purple Masked Soiree

@ The Drive ~ Table Tennis Society Club {Penobscot Bldg., Detroit}

Supporters: Hand Bags of Hope ~ Verizon

Pillow Fight ~ University of Michigan [Dearborn Campus}

Special Guest: the “B” Girls raising awareness thru Hip-Hop Dance

Sponsor: Dr. Deborah Smith-Pollack, Professor

Pure Movement ~ Hostesses: Mahoney Jones ~ Jayne Smith

Michigan Coalition to end Domestic & Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse

Continued Support ~ Aeneas Ministry

Hostess: Sis. Darlesta Riley

GMBC ~ host church for Support Meetings every Sunday @ 7:30pm ~ W.W. Davis Fellowship Hall