Our Mission

The Bus Ministry will be stewards to assist any person in need of transportation to Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church for the will of God.

Matt 9:9 Jesus said to Matthew “Follow me and he arose and followed him”


  • Focused on maintaining a safe, reliable, and clean environment for passengers
  • Developed a Schedule Preventive Maintenance program  for both vehicles
  • Reliable Transportation for the Sage Ministry, Bible Study, and 10am Sunday service
  • Added transportation using the van for Sunday morning pick up
  • Providing Transportation for the community to the annual Christmas dinner and New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service
  • Added one new driver
  • Made several Repairs to the bus front and back brakes, air conditioner unit, wheelchairs lift and entrance door. 

Goals for 2016

  • Maintaining a Bus Ministry to service not only the congregation , but also the community with transportation to learn the word of God
  • Aid in Transportation for church members to various ministries
  • Continue to grow as a ministry and promote spiritual teamwork


Keith Buyck

Dea. Charles Brazile

Edward Berry

Gregory Johnson

Robert Walker

Ruben Dover

Michael Green