Usher Ministry #2 continues to serve the needs of our PASTOR, members and visitors by working diligently with integrity and accountability.  Our mission is to keep a watchful eye over the entire service. We must provide promptness, courtesy, tact and unobtrusiveness.  We will continue to assist the pastor and promote the worship of GOD.  Our most important purpose is to help win souls for Christ.

2015 Accomplishments

  1. Increased membership – 4 new members and 2 reinstatements
  2. Hosted annual ushers cookout
  3. Implemented quarterly birthday luncheons for each member.
  4. Christmas Holiday giving toys for joy.
  5. Supported church members in times of sickness and bereavement.
  6. Combined with other ministries to assist with church engagements, Easter Sunday at Robichaud High School, Watch Night Service, and Music Concert
  7. Sponsored Pizza Luncheon for Gethsemane Youth
  8. Encouraged members to seek out and serve other ministries – Young Adult Ministry, youth Ushers, Sage Ministry, Bus Ministry, Culinary Staff, Attending outside engagements
  9. Ushers and Nurses Anniversary.

2016 Goals

  1. Increase membership by 20%.
  2. Continue to use signs during services.
  3. Continue to lift up and support our Pastor in all his endeavors and visions.
  4. Continue to serve our church family and community.
  5. Give $100 per year toward the Building Improvement offerings.
  6. Continue to promote and support other ministries of church family – volunteering when needed.

Humbly Submitted,

Sister Gwen Williams, President

Usher Ministry #2