This year the youth ministry focused on revamping the structure and here are a couple of things that we did this year

CHANGE – Youth Directors

Three new youth directors have been added:

  • Quintele Woods
  • Janice Banks
  • Pam Garrett

CHANGE – Dance Ministry

  • The liturgical dance is now been split into four age groups one of four groups will minister every fourth Sunday allowing the other three groups to prepare for three months.
    • Ages 5 – 7
    • Ages 8 – 10
    • Ages 11 – 12
    • Ages 13 – up
  • Additional volunteers have been added
    • Danielle Woods
    • Stephanie Yates
    • Dayna Davis
  • We are bringing in a professional Christian dance ministry to help the youth learn different techniques for dancing
    • 8 weeks course (1 x a week)
    • Recital at the end of the course
  • Nate Davis is over the new Mime Ministry
    • Practice times and dates to follow shortly

CHANGE – TLC/ Tutoring

The TLC Tutoring Drop in center will have the following changes:

  • 4 Certified Teachers for Tutoring
  • Partnership with Local Charter Schools in District
    • Advertisement for tutoring
    • Asking for sponsorship
  • Upgrade the game room
  • ID system for entry

CHANGE – Mentoring YEET Program

The Mentoring program will have the following changes:

  • Split into 2 age ranges
    • Ages 9 – 12
    • Ages 13 – 17
  • New curriculum created

CHANGE – Youth Bible Study

Dayna Davis is heading the Youth Bible Study with the following changes:

  • New curriculum added
  • Curriculum will describe what will be discussed on Wednesdays with the youth
  • Ages 9-up

CHANGE – Youth Ushers

The Youth Ushers will be headed by Mother Liddell with the following changes:

  • Mr. Garrett will be the assistant to Mother Liddell
  • More involved in services
  • New Uniforms

CHANGE – Tot Ministry/ Children’s Church

  • Childress church ages 6-9 will be headed by Teresa Breakfield & Lorena Woods
  • Additional Support from Jacque Woods
  • No longer available during special church events

Program Improvement And Professional Development Training

    • Training will consist of a six-hour workshop
    • Youth ministry structure training